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 Cooper Parry is like a volcano.

 Every now and then we erupt – we change the norm, challenge the
 standard and shake things up.

 When this comes, it’s not easy; people have to adapt and change.
 We learn to evolve and re-shape our mindset.  IS LIKE A VOLCANO.

 And then, when the dust settles a real evolution starts.

 A new land is created where life begins to flourish. Rocks gain minerals
 turning into gemstones. Flowers begin to bloom from the rich soil.  EVERY NOW AND THEN,

 Through chaos and change comes something quite rare – purpose.
 It’s not easy working in an ever changing environment, but I wouldn’t
 change it for the world. I’m proud to be a part of this journey and
 look forward to the next rupture.  WE ERUPT

 Long live Cooper Parry.

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