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                                                For me the CP culture is all about trust, responsibility, ownership,
                                                       fun and working together to achieve our goals.

                                                   As I walked up the stairs a year after first walking up them
                                               I recalled the way I was welcomed by my team and manager which
                                                just blew me away. My team are my pals, we look after each other,             TO ACHIEVE
                                                we care for each other, we’re interested in the stuff we’re all doing.

                                                I worked in the manufacturing industry for 14 and a half years and
                                                 the culture here at CP is the opposite end of the scale as I had
                                              experienced lack of trust, being dictated to and clocking in and out as
                                              my day to day norm which is radically different to my days here at CP.
                                                  The unity our culture brings to us whatever our role in CP is               OUR GOALS
                                                           mind-blowing (in a very good way!).
                                                          SELEENA CREEDON, MARKETING
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